* Off-the-Record messaging support for the BitlBee IM gateway

As of October 2010 this code is in BitlBee mainline. See this blog post!
This page remains for historical reference.

Initial development in 2008 was kindly funded by stonedcoder.org.

Quick install instructions:

    Check out the repository. For this you need the Bazaar version control
    system. Use the following command:

       bzr checkout http://code.bitlbee.org/bitlbee

    It will create a directory called 'bitlbee' containing the sources.
    There, call ./configure --otr=1 && make && make install as usual.
    Nota bene: You won't see anything if you follow the above URL with your
    web browser. Don't worry, that's normal for bzr repos. They are meant to be
    accessed only via the bzr tool.

Usage is pretty straightforward: In the spirit of OTR, things should start
working automagically. To learn how to manage keys and fingerprints, display
the otr status, etc., type help otr in the control channel. Also try set and
look for otr-related config settings.

PS. Flatter me, if you like it:

PPS. The old branch hosted on khjk.org is now obsolete. It is retained for
     historical reference only:
     bzr checkout http://code.khjk.org/bitlbee-otr

-- Sven Moritz Hallberg <pesco@khjk.org>
   KHJK, 2008-2010