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Moar shell scripting: quick and easy HTML foto galleries


Introducing fotogal: a shell script for quickly generating html galleries.

From the README:

basic operation

  • enter a directory containing .jpeg or .jpg files.
  • call fotogal.
  • wait. note automatic orientation adjustment according to exif data.
  • notice scaled images in _scale/.
  • notice thumbnails in _thumb/.
  • observe index.html. thumbnails are linked to scaled images.

Head over to the project page for more info, look at some example output, and get the code!

Update: (21:30) I'm sorry, the incompatibilities with non-BSD environments have been resolved. ;)

Update: (2020) The script was originally called fotogirl. While meant as a nod to a friend, it always sounded too much like a personification to sit comfortably.