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das keyboard.

Yesterday's server fiddling was performed on one of those things you can only get as presents.

das keyboard, model ultimate S, US layout.

The official marketing makes it look awesome. I knew I wanted what they promised. All the reviews on the web were distinctly positive. But then there aren't many for a niche product like this. The only way to get it is by mail order. No stores carry it. None of my friends have one. No way to try before purchase. And of course it's expensive.

So I put it on my Amazon wishlist, mentioning something about fetishism in the comment area.

Here's the feature run-down: It's a full-size USB/PS2 keyboard without labels; buckling spring switches like the infamous Model M; n-key rollover; color: black. A keyboard for typists.

My first impression was, erm, I'll let the twitter quote stand for itself:


The fine click, perfectly synchronized by the laws of physics to the actual moment of contact. Words can not describe it.

So yeah, I'm very happy so far. As for the build, it seems sturdy, has a good weight and proper rubber pads. Let's hope it lasts a good few years!